The Merch Desk


The Merch Desk

The Merch Desk has been imagined, built and designed, by artists, for artists. We want to make it as easy and affordable as possible for artists to create and maintain incomes outside of their week-to-week, in-person gigs.

Never before has the vulnerability of the gig economy been so evident as it is during these challenging times.

That is why we’ve made it completely free for artists to set up and sell their own range of merchandise through The Merch Desk. We’ve partnered with amazing local brands to help design, print and deliver merchandise on behalf of the artists. This lets artists spend more time focussing on making art and less time worrying about buying, designing, and delivering merchandise (and how they’ll pay their rent).

If you’re a supporter of the arts, then The Merch Desk offers you a new way to support your favourite artists – by repping their brand and sending cash their way. It also lets you find a whole new wave of music, arts and artists to love.

We’ll be sending out regular newsletters highlighting new artists as they join The Merch Desk family. You can subscribe to stay up to date, discover the incredible wealth of talented artists we have in Australia, and support them with cash while rocking some fabulous merch.

To follow The Merch Desk journey, and help spread the word, follow us on all your social channels, give us some love there, and let bands and artists you love know they should come and join The Merch Desk family. You might like to mention that as soon as their merch appears you’ll be placing an order.