How do payments work?

That’s a big question…

Basically when a fan buys an item from your page on The Merch Desk there are a lot of processes that go on in the background depending on the order. Once the order is marked complete (eg. the fan gets the shirt and tote they ordered) we then pay whichever local business fulfilled the order for both the shipping and the cost of goods, we take our small fee (just $1 per item sold for artists*) and we then transfer the commission into your PayPal account.

Do we have to use PayPal?


PayPal offers security to you, the fans and us. It gives us crystal clear transactional records and means we can work towards automating a lot of accounting work as we grow, which means we can continue to send as much profit as we can to you.

I’ve never used PayPal before, how do I setup an account?

Super easily.

You can follow this link to setup a PayPal Account or alternatively go to the PayPal website to find a heap of online resources and training material.

I already have a personal PayPal account, can I just use that?


Depending on your store and who else is involved it maybe worth setting up a brand new PayPal account. If you’re a solo artist or sole trader and 100% of the profits is going to you then it’s probably not an issue, however if you’re a 4 piece band and you want everyone to be able to login and see transactions it’s probably best to setup another account.

Can you pay directly into my bank account?


You can link your bank account and then transfer your PayPal balance into that account however we are not able to make payments directly into your bank account.