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October Updates

We are constantly working on improving our platform for our artists and their fans. Here are some of the updates in the pipeline that we are in the process of rolling out:

New automated emails

We’ve been undergoing a massive database update and moving all our emails to run through a new Email Automation Service. While these specific changes may only be seen internally they will allow us to send more regular emails to you without constantly ending up in junk. 

New reporting tables

Another benefit of our major database update is our ability to provide better reporting. We want to provide clear and transparent reporting while also ensuring that there is enough information there for anyone who really wants to use this data elsewhere. As part of this we’re trialling a new, more visual, reporting style, which will show focus more on a small handful of metrics rather than the full set we were previously providing. If however you prefer viewing your sales in a grid spreadsheet style you can always still download this report as a CSV.

More frequent payments

Another driving force behind our database upgrades has been the need for us to streamline our commission process. We will now be able to pay artists faster, and more frequently, which means you should expect smaller payouts more often. 

In the pipeline.

There are more major updates coming to the platform very soon including but not limited to:

Bundle Products

ARIA Reporting

Pre-order Items

Digital Downloads

If you are a Merch Desk user and have any feedback about these updates then please leave a comment below. This platform is being built for Artists and Fans so any feedback is greatly appreciated.