The Merch Desk

The Merch Desk.


Whether you’re a comedian on tour or living your best stand-up life online, merchandising can be a great source of income. But between the cost of printing, managing orders and shipping to wherever your fans might be it can also be expensive and challenging. That’s just one of the reasons we started The Merch Desk.

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The Merch Desk makes merchandising for comedians just as simple, easy and profitable as it should have always been.”

Josh Armstrong

Organiser , GC Laughs Festival

How profitable is merch for comedians?

Well that’s up to you…

While the cost of producing each item can vary based on the size, colour, number of prints and more we strive to be 100% transparent with these costs and do everything in our power to ensure as much profit ends up in the artists pockets. This means that the average shirt sold through through The Merch Desk for $35 nets the artist around $20 profit*.

*This figure is based off shirts sold on a Gildan Unisex Heavy Cotton coloured Tees with one print.

What kind of merch can I sell as a comedian?

Well that’s up to you…

We’re constantly expanding our range to offer more products from more local suppliers. While we already offer a range of tote bags, tee shirts, jumpers and more through our print on demand local printers, your merch range doesn’t have to stop there. If there is something that your fans want that you want to offer and it’s going to put dollarydoos in your pocket then just reach out.

How do I get paid?

Show me the money!

Once an order for your merch is fulfilled* we can then transfer your profits into your paypal account. If the item sold is a tee shirt it may take a few days to get printed and sent where as a digital download could be much faster. Either way we try and get this to you as fast as possible.